We provide excellence with integrity in building and construction.


Everest Contracting is a Sydney based company supplying robust solutions to building problems and quality construction services.

Our skilled team includes civil engineers, project managers and remedial and construction tradesmen.

Everest Contracting is widely employed by leading consultants, engineers, strata managers, government agencies and individual clients.

We value integrity both in our staff and in our standard of work. Our staff are selected for their skill, experience and drive to provide work of the highest standard.


We utilise reputable products and suppliers, set and abide by clear work health and safety guidelines and establish and deliver on clear project goals.


Everest Contracting consistently delivers the highest standard projects.



"We regard Everest Contracting as excellent operators that carry out projects with great care, reliability and achieve the highest standards demanded in the remedial building industry... all works have been managed by my practice with excellent outcomes and satisfied clients.
It is their focus on quality at competitive prices that makes the difference."

Paul Evans

Paul Evans & Associates Pty Ltd

(Building Consultants)


"Robin Shaw, principal of Everest Contracting, has proven to be a highly experienced and knowledgeable builder with superior project management skills. Based on the skill level, commitment and performance exhibited by Everest Contracting during construction projects,
I regard Everest as one of the peer contractors operating in the remedial building part of the construction industry.
I have no reservations in recommending Everest Contracting for any building/construction project.

Steve Alexander

Steve Alexander Pty Ltd (Architects)


Greg Beard

Core Project Consulting

(Building Consultants)